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There are seven important natural “focal points” on the earth which we have set ourselves to visit before 2012.

These are places where nature and the human mind can engage freely, in the absence of all human-built barriers. They are places where one can blend physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with nature and partake of the immeasurable peace, clarity, spiritual understanding and positive motivational energy that nature has to offer. It is a place to rejuvenate oneself personally and to present positive seeds of change to help restore the desperately needed balance between humanity and its environment.

Dr. Amyn explains the importance of the 7 FOCAL POINTS where our Global Meditations will be held.

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Monserrat, Spain, Barcelona

1st Focal Point: Montserrat, Spain 2003.
Hallmark: Umbilical Cord – Energies of Birth.
Focused Intention: Restoration of Life Energy in our damaged environment

2nd Focal Point: Grand Savannah, Venezuela, 2006.
Hallmark:  Forces of Unity.
Focused Intention: Creation of Unity in humanity and the environment.

*We may repeat this trip in 2011

Rift Valley & Lake Elementaita

3rd Focal Point: Great Rift Valley, Kenya, 2007.
Hallmark: Knowledge and Memory.
Focused Intention: Shifting from a Negative to a Positive mindset in Humanity;

Peak of TEIDE

4th Focal Point: Teide, Tenerife, Canary Islands, 2008
Hallmark: The  Four Elements – earth, wind, water and fire.
Focused Intention: Restoration of the quality of these important life sustaining elements

Aerial View of Aitutaki

5th Focal Point: Island of Aitutaki, Cook Islands, 2009
Hallmark: Nutritive Energies of the Sun
Focused Intention: Restoration of our Climate.

Grand Canyon

6th Focal Point: Grand Canyon, 2010
Hallmark: Balance and Equilibrium
Focused Intention: Restoration of Balance in humanity, nature and the environment.

Nepal Mountain Range

7th Focal Point: Nepal, 2011 …..details tbc.
Hallmark: Evolution

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