Monserrat 2003

Monserrat, Spain, Barcelona

SHIFT MONSERRAT 2003 – The Horseshoe of Life

An Unforgettable Experience

Montserrat is a famous mountain in Spain, located some 60 kilometres north of Barcelona, en route to the Pyrenees Mountains in France. It is comprised of spectacular rock formations, which represent important physical and spiritual symbols.

For the past one thousand years, this mountain has been visited by pilgrims from all over the world, to offer prayers at a church and monastery that is located at its peak. Whilst most pilgrims have focused their attention on the peak of this sacred mountain, there is a special point that lies midway up the mountain, where creative energies of the earth can be experienced at the surface. This point lies within a “horseshoe” that is made up of the mountain on one side and open vast plains at the other. Approximately a year ago, Dr. Amyn Dahya drove past Montserrat, where he felt a strong desire to some day go up this mountain in order to discover and work with its sacred energies.

On June 7, 2003, Dr. Amyn ascended Montserrat with his wife Karima and seven members of the UK Empowered Living Foundation team. Dr. Amyn was guided by inspiration to this special point that lies midway up the mountain, next to a rock formation that resembles a conical pyramid. He named this place, “The Horseshoe of Life” or “Herradura de la Vida” in Spanish.

Dr. Amyn was also inspired with the fact that there existed a natural spring in the surrounding area where water from the earth comes to the surface. This particular spring was connected at an energy level with all the rivers and oceans of the earth. Whilst there is no written record of such a spring, it was discovered by the Empowered Living team on June 7, 2003.

On June 8, 2003, Dr. Amyn addressed the Sixth Conference of the Red Iberoamericana de la Luz (“Light-workers Network”) at La Conreria, near Barcelona, where he explained the role and importance of water in creation and maintenance of a healthy life, at all levels of human existence. A healing meditation was also performed with the 200 participants at the conference.

On June 9, 2003, a group of 73 participants of the conference travelled to Montserrat in a convoy of some 20 vehicles, to take part in a very important meditation at The Horseshoe of Life. Upon arrival at this point, Dr. Amyn explained the reason for the meditation. He said, “We as a civilization have grown and thrived over the centuries, but our success and way of life has been achieved at a serious cost to the environment, particularly water. We have destroyed much of the life energy of water through pollution and irresponsible practices. The human conscience has also profoundly been driven by conflict, which has been evidenced clearly in the recent events around the world. The net effect of all these factors is that damage has occurred within all living forms on this planet. This, in turn, has given rise to much pain, suffering and disease in the world. Today, we will meditate together in The Horseshoe of Life, so that we may draw upon the energy of our common Source, through unselfish prayer, to restore the quality of our waters and our home, the earth. We will seek harmony within humanity, for the time has come for us to build a mass consciousness towards everlasting peace.
The group of 73 people, led by Dr. Amyn, performed the meditation for peace on earth and restoration of the quality of all water resources, at 10.00 a.m. on June 9, 2003.

It was a tranquil and energizing experience for all who were present. Each person gained a special understanding of life on this earth and of the connection that exists between the Origin of Creation and the whole of Creation itself. Whilst standing close to the conical pyramid at The Horseshoe of Life, Dr. Amyn explained that the ‘Life Energy’ of every being was like an apple tree and that the human body was the apple. When the mission of one’s life is complete, the tree drops the apple. Although the apple may be gone, the tree lives forever. When he completed his explanation, one of the participants asked Dr. Amyn to look behind himself. There was an apple tree with lots of little apples!

The group then travelled across the valley on the C37 towards Castellefort de Boix, a small place that can barely be noticed on the map. There is another conical pyramid at this location, which is in line with the one at The Horseshoe of Life. A natural spring exists close to this pyramid, but it does not actually come to the surface until approximately one kilometre away. There, it appears in the form of a small pool of water that can easily be missed as one drives past.

The group gathered at 12.00 noon at this spring, which was named as ‘The Spring of Life’ on this day, to complete the process of healing the waters of the earth. The spring was completely still before the group arrived, but it started to release lots of bubbles as the group congregated at its bank. Fresh water gushed from the earth, with power and tranquillity. A group meditation was then led by Dr. Amyn for healing all the waters of the earth, at this site, since it is integrally connected at an energy level with every river, groundwater stream, sea and ocean. After the meditation, each participant poured healing water into this spring, which had been prepared during the meditation at The Horseshoe of Life.

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